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Know Your Oil: Olive Oil 101

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Bring a world of flavors to every dish

Trifoglio® offers best-in-class oils that perfectly complement every aspect of your menu – from the appetizer to the final course. Whether you need an olive oil for finishing, sautéing, or blending, each item in Trifoglio’s lineup adds the right flavor to enhance your dishes with the unique tastes of freshly imported, epicurean ingredients.

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Three Tiers. Infinite Possibilities.

Depending on the your needs and flavor preferences, a certain tier of Trifoglio® might work better than another. 

  • Trifoglio® Superiore: Our extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for serving tableside because it has a very distinctive flavor and is high in antioxidants and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.
  • Trifoglio® Premio: Three different extra virgin olive oil and canola oil blends. Three different uses. From marinating to sautéing to pan frying, our blends offer the perfect flavor to complement any use.
    • 50/50: Dressings, baking, light poaching, marinating, finishing and sautéing
    • 75/25: Sautéing, light frying, marinating and dressings
    • 90/10: High heat cooking and pan frying.
  • Trifoglio® Classico: Our Olive Pomace oil and Olive Pomace blend are perfect for when you’re only looking for a touch of olive oil flavor, which makes it just right for sautéing or in a dressing. Classico is our most economical olive oil choice.

To ensure you are maximizing the versatility of Trifoglio Olive Oil in your own restaurant, reach out to your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative for more information.

Olive Oil is one of the most versatile products to have in your restaurant, but do you know what type of oil is best for your culinary offerings? Not all Olive Oil is created equal. Knowing the differences between blends can ensure you are using the right type of oil, while keeping costs in line.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO, generally has a higher cost per ounce since only a small portion of oil extracted from an olive is classified as “extra virgin.” Due to its low smoke point, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not recommended for frying. However, EVOO is perfect for light sauteing with zero trans fat or for adding a finishing touch to your dish. It adds flavor and character as well as being versatile enough to use in just about any recipe. Check the ingredient line to be sure the only thing listed is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Health Benefits of EVOO

EVOO is known for its peppery flavor, but it’s also one of the healthiest oils used in cooking. 

  • High in monounsaturated fat, which can lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure
  • High in phenolic antioxidants
    • Contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K

    Olive Oil Blends

    If Olive Oils are not labeled as EVOO, EVO or Pomace, they are most likely blends. Olive Oil blends are ideal for high-heat cooking and incorporating into recipes that require a lighter taste profile. Health benefits vary slightly based on the blend, and pricing on Olive Oil blends is usually lower because of the other oils mixed in. Blends are great for sauteing and blending with other ingredients like pestos, dressings, marinades or as a dip with balsamic for bread.

    Olive Pomace Oil

    When looking to save money but still needing to use Olive Oil, Pomace Oil may be the best solution. Pomace Oil is the last bit of oil extracted from the olive and pit. It is usually extracted chemically, then further refined with heat and steam.

    Although Pomace Oil has a slightly higher smoke point than EVOO and blends, it is still not recommended for frying. However, it is good for sauteing with zero trans fat or as a dressing component, generally in places where you aren’t looking for a lot of Olive Oil flavor.

    When to Use Each Blend

    • Rule of Thumb

      The more Olive Oil taste required, the closer to EVOO the blend should be

    • Know the Differences

      Understanding the differences between origin, year produced, personal preference, etc. can help you pick the right blend for your purpose

    • Table-side Serving

      If you are serving table-side then EVOO is best, followed by a high percentage EVOO blend

    • Mix and Match

      If used to mix or as an ingredient, a blend will work great and will keep costs down

    • Be Resourceful

      Pomace Oil can be used when you aren't looking for much Olive Oil flavor, but likes the idea of using an Olive Oil

    Contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative today and discover the many ways Jensen Foods frying and multipurpose oils cut your costs, enhance your food flavor, and make your business more efficient and profitable in the kitchen.

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