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Holidays With Artisanal Provisions

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The holidays are a perfect time to add a little magic to your menu with specialty products from our Artisanal Provisions collection. This month’s featured products, selected by expert Bradley Radack, are all about adding that extra sparkle to your favorite holiday menu items.

Crunch Hazelnut Strip Cake by White Toque

The allure of White Toque’s Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut Strip Cake stems from  its delightful flavor and versatile presentation. Each 24 oz cake comes as one long rectangular strip designed to be cut in any fashion to create a unique design of smaller rectangles, circles, or whatever shape you dream up. The flavor is bold but not overbearing and pairs beautifully with sauces, whipped topping, ice cream, and/or tuille.

Dried CA Black Figs by Bountiful Harvest Originals

Figgy pudding may be featured in popular holiday song lyrics, but we think Dried Black Figs provide much more to sing about. Dried figs are a great way to add refinement to your menu during the holiday season. Incorporating them into both sweet and savory dishes adds an incredible texture and flavor element. Poach them in port wine and a little sugar and add to a dessert preparation, or reconstitute them in brandy and purée them with some mustard and add to a charcuterie board.

Burrata Mozzarella Cheese by Belgi

Add Belgi’s Burrata Mozzarella Cheese to your holiday wish list because what more could any devout cheese lover possibly want than a fresh mozzarella cheese pouch stuffed with shredded mozzarella soaked in sweet cream?

The perfect addition to your holiday menu, Burrata cheese has gained popularity in the US over the past couple decades, finding its way onto menus that reach far outside its 1930s Italian origins. Its rich, creamy texture adds a layer of comfort to dishes as diverse as ravioli to salads that will complement any menu for your guests’ holiday gatherings.

Gruyere Cheese Loaf by Cobblestreet Market Originals

With its nutty flavor, Cobblestreet Market Originals' Gruyere Cheese Loaf is as an ideal addition to holiday cheese boards that are an easy (and not to mention delicious) appetizer to start your holiday party. This Swiss-type or Alpine cheese as is often used when creating a cheese-flavored cream sauce like mornay. And with its sweet but slightly salty flavor, it will also take a ham and cheese croissant to a whole new level! The applications are endless, as are the opportunities for beverage pairings, such as with a cabernet franc, Syrah, or even a single malt scotch.

For more information about these Artisanal Provisions product selections and many more curated by your experts at Shamrock Foods, reach out to your sales representative today. They are here to help you please your guests by incorporating these hand-selected added value products into your menu.

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