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Haricots Verts – The Perfect Tool for Universal Flavor

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Whether steamed, boiled, sautéed or baked – haricots verts are high-quality essentials for any kitchen. These very fine green beans are the perfect vegetable to garnish dishes or add to any entrée. They can add a deeper flavor or texture to your dish, and serve as a complement to any signature creation.

We are proud to bring a variety of products to our customers – including French Garden’s very fine green beans, found only at Shamrock Foods. Grown in France – home of the haricots verts, the smallest green beans – these beautifully colored vegetables bring a delicate taste and perfect crispiness that delight the gourmet connoisseur. These haricot verts are string-less, cut, and blanched – so there is no extra preparation time needed to enjoy a fresh taste of the French countryside. Their availability even in seasonal changes allows for stable year-round supply, pricing and consistency. With the ease of access and delicious flavor, there are endless possibilities to create tasty dishes any time of the year.

Below are just a few of the many ways to use haricots verts in your dishes this season.


Haricots verts add to all types of salads and dressings, including niçoise, chicken and beans, seafood and beans, beans and almonds, and a variety of other beans and cheeses. Or you could go for a simple all-vegetable salad with haricots verts, yellow wax beans, Parisian carrots, fava beans and artichoke quarters. For the perfect crisp salad, blanch the very fine haricots verts 2 minutes in boiling water and cool them right away in chilled water. Drain.

Garnish for Entrées or Side Dishes

Sauté: From frozen stage, sauté the haricots verts direct in a frying pan with some butter and shallots.

Steamed: From frozen stage, steam the haricots for 1 minute, add seasoning and serve.

Boiled: From frozen stage, boil the haricots verts 30 seconds to 1 minute, drain, season, and serve.

Banquets and Buffets

Because of their high quality, the texture and color of these veggies will hold naturally even if you keep them warm before serving your banquet. For a perfect side, steam the haricots verts 30 seconds, season and keep them in a warmer.

To try a sample of the French Garden Haricots Verts, found only at Shamrock Foods, please contact your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative.

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