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Ham Styles, Cuts and Cures

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Deli, Pit, Buffet or Cooked?

Cobblestreet Market® is your home for quality smoked, fully cooked ham whether your customers are looking for deli style, pit, buffet or cooked hams we have a solution that fits their operational needs and makes an impact on the menu. Start by identifying your customers’ current ham products.

Ham Styles and Cures

What style and cure level do they purchase? What is their desired menu application? Armed with that information you can demonstrate the features and benefits of using Cobblestreet Market® ham from each of our product tiers: Distinctions, Originals and Foundations.

Our deli (or d-shaped gourmet natural juice ham) is a single muscle product found in our Distinctions tier. It’s hardwood smoked for old-fashioned flavor. Cut this ham into thirds to show your customer the excellent texture and marbling. This product is ideal for deli cases and upscale buffets. For example, it makes a tasty addition to a sliced ham and baby spinach Benedict .Top an English muffin with warm slices of our gourmet natural juice ham, spinach and a poached egg, and finish with hollandaise sauce.

Next, let’s discuss our hardwood smoked, old-fashioned pit ham found under the Originals tier. Cut this teardrop shaped ham in half lengthwise to show your customer how well it holds its shape. This well defined three muscle ham is perfect for baking. Give your customers a taste of its menu versatility with a recipe for ham with caramelized apples layer, sauteed old-fashioned pit ham and apple slices on a serving plate and top with warm onion cider mustard sauce.

Finally, let’s discuss our 35 percent ham and water product buffet ham found under the Foundation’s tier. It’s made with pork knuckle meat pressed into a casing and set on a flat rack to form its solid shape, then cured to perfection. This ham should be cut into thirds to demonstrate its consistency and uniformity throughout. Show your operators how well it holds together making it great for thin or thick slicing In our ham and blue cheese salad. Sliced buffet ham is a savory touch to mixed greens, sliced pears, candied walnuts and crumbled blue cheese. A proper cutting will showcase the best attributes of Cobblestreet Market® hams.

When it comes to quality our hams truly smoke the competition.

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