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Elevating Sandwiches with Artisanal Provisions

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Well, it is that time of the year – It’s Sandwich Season once again. Whether it’s the end of the summer or back-to-school needs, people are looking for convenience but still crave a fantastic culinary experience. It’s all about the ingredients you choose. Let quality ingredients be the heroes in delighting your taste buds.

Inspired by National Sandwich Month, here are just a few simple ideas to up your sandwich game.

Start with Great Bread

Select from our offering of scratch-made, rustic loaves, sandwich breads, and rolls made from the finest organic or GMO-free grains.

  • La Brea Bakery, French Demi baguette (1402231)
  • Brickfire Bakery Originals Ciabatta Rolls (2707291)
  • Farm to table loaves & craft favorites

    Try Something New

    Try limited-time offerings with non-traditional flavors inspired by the season.

  • Serrano Ham (4518651) and Danish Blue Cheese (3317781)
  • Saint Andre Triple Cream Brie (7500671) with Morello Cherry Purée (3575251)
  • Cobblestreet MKT.® Turkey with marinated artichokes

    Choose Quality Meats

    Sourced from small, artisan purveyors who craft their products by hand, our Artisanal Provisions salami and charcuterie are created using only the best cuts of pork and beef, by brands that have existed for generations.

  • Domestic and Imported Prosciutto & other Italian deli favorites
  • Varieties of artisanal Salami
  • Locally produced, craft bacon
  • Unique Sandwich Toppings

  • Marinated or sun-dried tomatoes
  • Calabrian Chile Mayo
  • Perfectly Pickled Vegetables

    Shamrock Foods Artisanal Provisions line up can help you create the best of the best.

  • Shop Artisanal Provisions

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