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Elevate Your Pizzas with Signature Ingredients

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ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni and FONTANINI® Cup and Char Sliced Sausage

In the world of pizza, crafting the perfect pie is an art, and the choice of toppings can make or break the culinary experience. For restaurant owners striving to create a pizza menu that stands out, we introduce two exceptional ingredients that will elevate your pizzas to new heights: ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni and FONTANINI® Cup and Char Sliced Sausage.

ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni

When it comes to pepperoni, utilizing the ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni is a game-changer. Having picture-perfect curls and distinct crunch, this product is not just an ordinary topping – it's an experience. The signature curl and charred edges create a visually stunning look that captures the attention of pizza enthusiasts.

But it's not just about appearances; the taste and texture is the result of decades of expertise in the dry sausage game. The casing plays a crucial role – as it cooks, it shrinks, causing the edges to curl and char. The intense heat on the crispy rim locks in the crisp, spicy and salty flavors, providing a unique and delightful crunch with every bite. Speaking of bite - there is an extreme variant available with extra garlic and pepper, adding a zestier heat that will keep your customers coming back for more.

FONTANINI® Cup and Char Sliced Sausage

For those seeking a premium sausage that goes beyond the ordinary, use the FONTANINI® Cup and Char Sliced Sausage to reach the epitome of excellence. Crafted through generations of recipes, these stunning sausages appeal to all the senses. Using only fresh cuts of beef and pork, along with a signature blend of herbs and spices, when using the FONTANINI® brand, you are ensured that each slice of sausage is a triumph of flavor. The handmade, authentic taste is distinctive and unparalleled, offering a unique appeal that can only come from generations of craft and care.

When utilizing the ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni and FONTANINI® Authentic Italian Meats products, your menu is set apart by delivering quality products that provide an unforgettable experience. The time is put in to ensure that the final product is something you can be proud to serve and call your own. The premium, signature taste and authentic flavor customers crave make these pizza toppings a versatile and exquisite choice to use for any pizza on your menu.

    Fresh, Authentic Quality

    In the competitive world of pizza, standing out is essential, and it starts with the right ingredients. When using ROSA GRANDE® Cup and Char Pepperoni and FONTANINI® Cup and Char Sliced Sausage, pizzaiolos can offer the opportunity to elevate their pizzas with unique, high-quality toppings that bring customers back again and again. Invest in these exceptional ingredients and watch as your pizza creations become the talk of the town.

    Ready to elevate your pizza toppings? Reach out to your Shamrock Foods Representative to request a sample.

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