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Brad’s Favorite Specialty Foods For The Holidays

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Bradley Radack, our California Produce & Specialty Foods Specialist, shares his favorite Artisanal Provisions products of the moment as we head into the holiday season.


Anyone restaurant that prepares artichokes knows the time and labor it takes to clean, trim, slice and grill them. It is not an easy task.  These grilled artichoke halves, from Divina, are a great solution. Unlike most canned artichokes, that take on that dreaded, canned metallic flavor, these artichoke halves are smoky, buttery, tender and juicy. They are perfect tossed in salads, or breaded and fried, or served atop your favorite pizza. #4239011


Not just for salads… These are incredibly versatile. Add them to pizzas, pasta, or put them in a wrap! Also, since we are all fans of cross utilizing ingredients, feel free to get a little more creative with them. Put some in a blender with vinegar, seasonings, and a little honey - pulse until fully incorporated – then add some oil, and you have yourself a lovely goat cheese vinaigrette. You can stuff the crumbles inside of dates and wrap them with some prosciutto, bake them off and top with a harissa tomato sauce and you have a mouthwatering appetizer that is tangy, spicy, sweet, and salty in all the right ways. SF#3485511


These mini filo shells are perfect for tray passed appetizers, shareable plates, desserts, and even breakfast. They are baked to perfection with light flaky layers of filo dough look and taste as though they were done so in house, all while delivering you labor savings and consistency. So, make sure to grab some on your next order to elevate things a notch and inspire your creativity! Sf#0874031


With fall upon us, we look to heartier dishes and comfort foods to help us weather the chillier months. This marbled rye is a fantastic addition to your menu during cooler months. Instantly, Ruben sandwiches come to mind when you see this item, but you can do so much more with it. Dry it out overnight and blitz it in the robot coupe, & you have delicious, marbled rye breadcrumbs that you can season with some dried herbs and salt & use to make a beautiful pork schnitzel with a mustard cream sauce. Or use it in a savory bread pudding with braised short rib and roasted root vegetables. Let your imagination take the lead and you can find many utilizations for this wonderful product. SF#2970411


It’s baking season, and having a gluten-free option on your menu, or in your pastry case, will put you a step ahead of your competition. This gluten free flour lets you to substitute your whole grain flour, cup for cup, without sacrificing your recipes! It is a direct replacement for all-purpose whole-wheat baking flour. The specially formatted blend works well for recipes like cakes, cookies, quick breads, and even brownies. It provides great taste and texture to your favorite recipes without sacrificing quality. This item is a valuable gluten free tool for any kitchen! Pro tip: let dough rest overnight to completely hydrate the flour and eliminate that dreaded grainy texture you are all too familiar with, in most gluten-free flour substitutions. SF#3931561

Shamrock Foods Artisanal Provisions line up of specialty products can help you create the best for your holiday menu.

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