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Artisanal Provisions: Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

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While there is an art to preparing a delicious and beautiful charcuterie board, like all artistic expressions, interpretations vary greatly. With a combined 75 years culinary experience, Shamrock Foods Artisanal Provisions Specialists C Marden and Tim Schlarbaum know a thing or two about ingredients that both inspire the creator and satisfy the customer, including these Top 8 charcuterie and cheese board products.


Creminelli Calabrese Salami

Also known as pepperoni, this calabrese salami is slow cured to spicy (with a touch of mild garlic) perfection. Known for its rich flavor, it’s as ideal on a charcuterie board as it is on pizza, sandwiches and pasta salads.

Daniele Prosciutto

This made-in-the-USA classic prosciutto has a creamy texture and sweet flavor. It’s delicious and refreshing draped over melon and sprinkled with fresh julienne basil.


Abbey Specialty Foods Tipperary Irish Cheddar

Sharp taste. Creamy texture. Tipperary Irish Cheddar starts with non-GMO grass-fed cows from the rich, fertile fields of Ireland. Perfectly aged for 12 months or more, this cheddar makes as a big an impact on a board as it does in sauces, on sandwiches and burgers, or shredded on top of salads.

Abbey Specialty Foods Rotterdam Matured Gouda

Made from cows that graze in Northern Holland grasslands, which were once under the sea and thus produce a distinct salt and mineral content, Rotterdam Matured Gouda is hailed for its robust flavor thanks to the slight crystallization of milk and it being aged to perfection at 10 months.


Divina Castelvetrano Olives

These sweet, juicy and buttery olives are harvested off the coast of Sicily before being being cured without fermentation to bright green perfection. Appetizer, antipasti salads, protein dishes and boards are all enhanced by their presence.

Divina Fig Spread

Divina’s wonderful Mediterranean Fig Spread is equally suited for sweet or savory applications. Make it your own by adding some spice or citrus to the spread before serving.

Bountiful Harvest Dried Apricots

Dried apricots add a splash of bright orange color to brighten up your boards. They’re diverse uses will also enhance jams, compotes and baked goods.

Valley Lahvosh Bakery 3” Round Crackers

Recognized as “The Original Cracker Bread” since 1922, Valley Lahvosh Round Crackers are a must-have classic for boards, baskets and appetizers.

The options for charcuterie and cheese boards are as endless as your imagination. Mix and match from Shamrock Foods collection of Artisanal Provisions to create as many variations as you like. No matter what you select, you’re guaranteed excellence as all of Shamrock Foods’ Artisanal Provisions products are made with the greatest of care and craftsmanship in small batches. 

For more information about these carefully curated products and others, reach out to your Shamrock Foods Sales Representative.   

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