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The Need for Speed

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Looking to improve efficiencies and margins – and do more with fewer and less-trained staff? Fast-tracking prep is one of the surest ways to get there.

Cut out the chopping

Menu fewer items that require knifework. It's a move that eases back-of-the-house workload, increases consistency and yields, decreases labor costs, reduces the risk of employee injuries and gives chefs time to focus on their creativity in ways that create sales-building points of difference.

"Consider not putting effort into chopping or cutting – things the customer won't notice or care about," adds Jeff Pivin, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Resources Manager.

"Take the knife out of the hand and replace it with the whisk. Use ingredients that are easy, fast and profitable."Jonathon Merrick, Shamrock Foods Chef & Bella Bello Specialist, Idaho

Mix things up

Turn to speed-scratch cooking, which blends value-added and already-prepared ingredients together to facilitate nearly endless variety on your menu.

"Start with a top-quality baseline product and incorporate new flavors – kimchi, fruit purees, chili oil, Sriracha, salsa, etc. – to create exciting new combinations custom-tailored to your menu," says Tim Maness, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Consultant, Colorado.

Change things often, especially seasonally, for specials and LTOs that create FOMO (fear of missing out) and offer guests distinctive experiences that differentiate your menu.

"Focus on signature items that nobody can replicate," says Mary McVoy, Shamrock Foods Restaurant Consultant, California.

"Add Divina® caramelized onion jam to stock for French onion soup. You'll shave off hours of time."Rodney Estrada, Shamrock Foods Branch Chef, New Mexico

What Customers are saying about or chef approved picks:

"Any time saved from slicing, dicing and prepping translates into 'money-making-minutes.'"
- Andrew Ganick, Owner, The Pig & The Sprout, Denver, CO

"We never have to worry about product quality [with Shamrock Foods prep-friendly products]; it's always great and our kitchen staff and our guests appreciate it!"
- Cody Craig, General Manager, Caffe Luciano's, Garden City, ID

"My philosophy has always been that from-scratch food was better. Shamrock Foods has changed my beliefs with Chef Approved Prep time-saving products."
- Nathan Wagner, Owner, The KROW Sports Bar & Grill, Cottonwood, AZ

"Prepped products save us so much time. We purchase croissant dough, ready-made jam, custards and other items to speed up our process."
- Jennifer Le, Executive Officer, Leberry Bakery & Donut, Pasadena, CA

"We use a wide variety of Markon® Ready-Set-Serve produce to save time and limit the prep involved." 
- Frederick Miller, Executive Chef, Forest Highlands Meadow Pavillion, Flagstaff, AZ

"Less prep means faster burgers, breakfast and sandwiches heading out to customers."
- Jamie Meisner, Chef, The Mixing Bowl Cafe, Gering, NE

"We enjoy the cheese by Villa Frizzoni® that is ready to go. We just fill deli containers and back-ups for fast service. Same with Boutiful Harvest® canned items like chopped pineapple, garbanzos, etc."
- Piper Kapin, Owner, Back Road Pizza, Santa Fe, NM

"The Aspen Gold XTREME high oleic fry oil from Jensen Foods is fantastic. It saves wasted time cleaning greasy gunk from walls and surrounding areas, lasts almost a full week, and food always comes out looking great."
- Tyler Shulz, Executive Chef, Harmony Bowl, Colorado Springs, CO

Find more time-saving insights and advice with our chef-approved prep.

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