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Get The Most From Your Oil

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Looking for ways to reduce food costs?

Here are a few tips that can help you get the most from your oil

  • Don't overheat oil.

    It is best to fry at the lowest possible temperature that gives the desired finished product. Ideally fry at 350°F. Do Not fry above 375°F. Heat is the number one enemy of oil. Frying at too low of a temperature can cause your product to absorb oil and come out soggy.

  • Keep it Clean

    Skim oil frequently, and filter once a day to remove food particles and contaminants. Keeping oil as clean as possible can help extend useful life. Remember, anything that is in your oil is breaking down your oil.

  • Check Your Temperature

    Make sure fryer thermostats are calibrated and accurately set. Many fryers go out of calibration, but it's easy to check and adjust.

  • Turn down the heat

    Oil is breaking down if the fryer is on. Turn down the heat to 150° - 200°F during "slow" periods. Or, if possible, turn off. If you have multiple fryers, determine if you need to use all of them based on your demand.

  • No Seasoning

    Don't load, salt or season foods directly over the fryer. Salt can lower smoke point and speed up oil break down.

  • Know when to swap

    Replace oil with new if it smokes, foams, or the food has an off flavor and/or a dark appearance. Use food color/quality to determine discard as oil color can be deceiving.

Ready to get the most out of your frying oil? Check out our oil calculator to see how Aspen Gold XTREME® longer fry life can help you save.

Need help cleaning your fryers? Proclean can help with that!

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