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Carryout Cocktails

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Carryout cocktails, or cocktails to-go, grew into a significant trend and menu opportunity for the foodservice industry over the fast two years. Every day, new states are updating their state and local liquor laws to accommodate alcohol-to-go. So how can you take advantage of this great revenue generator? While the concept of to-go cocktails seems straightforward, following these key points will help you implement a program your customers will love.

  • Know your local ordinances

    Many states have passed provisional and long-term to-go alcohol bills, and they’re changing all the time. Keep up with your state restaurant association for the latest news, rules, and regulations.

  • Package Smart

    The right packaging solutions will protect your product and make a great impression. Packaging may even be dictated by your local laws. Speak to your sales representative about options.

  • Keep It Simple

    Offer familiar favorites and easily executable options, like batch cocktails or create your own mix kits. Just make sure to share the serving size on your menu.

  • Remember it's "to go"

    Think about travel time when designing your drink menu - dilution, temperature and garnish all will be affected when your cocktails are fully assembled.

  • Make It a Meal

    Upsell a cocktail by pairing it with a popular to-go entrée as a packaged deal.

  • Add Some Seasonal Flare

    Keep your menu fresh and your guest coming back for more with seasonal offerings.

Ready to add carryout cocktails to your menu? Reach out to our Shamrock Foods Representative to learn about packaging options and more.

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