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Business Ideas with Chef Richard Blais

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Celebrity Chef Richard Blais, restaurateur, author and television personality, was the keynote speaker at Shamrock Foods EXPO. We are sharing key learnings from his presentation in a series of articles.

Chef Richard Blais’ Business Success Tips

When embarking on the journey of becoming a restaurateur, the first question Chef Blais challenges oneself to ask is: “What is the problem you’re trying to solve?”

He believes that really great ideas abound when one tries to solve a problem and inspired EXPO guests to get ridiculous with ideas! Or, to think about ideas in a big way because that is when good ideas become great and are, in fact, not ridiculous at all.

But thinking up the problem-solving idea is not enough. Chef Blais shared some specific steps to help ensure ideas become reality.

Think Fast. An idea might seem out there, but chances are someone is already doing it or will be in five years.

Tell A Story. He went on to coach that the idea should tell a story, and mentioned that restaurateurs need to write a script for their restaurant. This story can be as long and detailed as needed, and may even look ahead 10 years down the road and include multiple scenarios.

Be Passionate. With passion, an idea becomes authentic and personal.

Stay Focused on YOUR Idea. Look inside yourself and don’t let execution get in the way. If ideas are based on logistics, they usually don’t go very far.

As with most journeys, Chef Blais reminded the audience to be open to pivotal moments because the reality is, concepts are organic and one can’t be afraid to change and evolve.

Throughout the discussion on “The Idea,” Chef Blais gave real-life examples, including his Crack Shack restaurant, a chicken and eggs all-day concept, and a beloved idea that is still in concept – Dronuts.

With Dronuts, Chef Blais is solving a two-part problem: a) the love for donuts and b) not wanting to leave the house. Combine that with his passion for aviation and robots, and Dronuts is the perfect “ridiculous idea” for him to explore. And maybe the next hottest food craze!

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