While the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve each day, we want to express our commitment to your business and reassure you that, as always, the safety of our associates and those serving our customers is our highest priority.  Our focus is supporting you in any way we can, and as your partner, we are committed to helping you at this time of uncertainty. Please continue to check back for additional resources to support you.

Support Your Local Restaurants

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support restaurants and restaurant operators. Let’s all do our part to help this vital part of our lives and the people in our communities whose livelihood depends on it.

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How Shamrock Customers Are Shifting Strategies to Succeed

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Need Financial Help?

Information about SBA Loans and the CARES Act

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Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Are You Open?

Submit your to-go menu to be included in AZ Take-Out Week

Denver, Boulder and Metro Area Restaurants can enter information to be added to the To Go Denver list. Use hashtag #ColoradoCurbside to showcase your dining experiences.

New Mexico
Submit your information to be added to the What’s Open NM website

San Diego
Submit your information for San Diego Restaurant Week.

Submit your information to be added to the Dine Out CA website.

Restaurant Resources

COVID-19 Tips for Restaurants
This printout can be posted in your restaurant to help your employees navigate COVID-19.
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The Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing
There’s a big difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning removes food and other types of soil from a surface such as a countertop or plate. Sanitizing reduces the number of pathogens on the clean surface to safe levels. To be effective, cleaning and sanitizing must be a 5 step process.
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Checklist for Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Restaurant
Use this handy checklist to ensure your restaurant is clean and sanitized.
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