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Finding New Pockets of Opportunity

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Being nimble and embracing opportunities in ways that fit your brand strengthens the bottom line and builds resiliency.

Drive Sales and Increase Check Averages

Focus on increasing check or transaction averages and customer or transaction counts per daypart.

  • Promote takeout and curbside pickup

    Be creative, but limit items to those that travel well. Run specials for daily, weekly, holiday and fun events, such as national fajita day. Promote gift cards and loyalty programs for takeout and curbside pickup. Food packaging quality is the most critical deciding factor for consumers ordering takeout, so switch to ProPak® containers that preserve food quality and help prevent leaks, and utilize ProPak® tamper-evident seals for added security.

  • Boost add-ons

    Takeout customers often skip beverages, appetizers, desserts and sides, so prominently promote and incentivize purchase of these items.

  • Encourage off-peak visits

    Thirty-five percent of consumers surveyed by Datassential in 2020 said they plan to avoid peak busy times at restaurants. Promote snacks and specials during off-peak hours.

  • Cultivate remote-worker business

    Run promos that get diners out of the house and drive traffic during breakfast and lunch. Promote specials for snacks or dinner.

  • Incentivize Online Traffic

    Make online ordering easy by streamlining the process. Reward guests for liking your social media pages, joining your loyalty program and making their first online order.

New Menu Opportunities

Aim for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Support your community. Menu items for purchase as donations to front-line workers and first responders, to support employees working from home, and/or as corporate achievement awards. This service benefits recipients and helps retain staff.

Leverage Frozen Foods

"Frozen foods offer quality, labor savings, longer shelf life, consistent cost and operational efficiencies in the face of changing conditions," says Chef Kelli Welby, Shamrock Foods Business Review Specialist, NM. "Produce that's flash frozen at peak ripeness offers consistent quality, maximum nutritional value and tremendous variety year-round." The Bountiful Harvest® frozen fruit and vegetable line, for example, offers dozens of Grade-A options in peak form. Pierport® frozen BAP-certified wild-caught breaded and battered fish always delivers labor savings and consistent weights while helping to reduce waste.

Freeze-at-home menus. Promote items that freeze well. Package to preserve food's integrity. Include handling/cooking instructions.

Virtual Experiences

"Promote revenue-building services beyond your four walls by creating virtual opportunities for your guests," says Matt Ryland, Shamrock Foods Business Solutions Manager, CO. Happy hours and cooking classes can be executed virtually and occasion-based take-out kits are a great complement to virtual social experiences like watch parties, Taco Tuesdays, holidays and more. "Technology can help facilitate food-focused entertaining as new ways to connect with your customers," agrees Welby.

Become a Neighborhood Hub

Offer retail provisions to your community. With access to dependable supply chains and economies of scale, foodservice operators are uniquely positioned to help consumers while generating revenue.

Post what's available via apps, social media, email marketing, your website and building signage. Be creative. Offer pre-packed boxes of staples (non-perishables, fresh produce, etc.), and run flash sales on items that need to move now.

Meal Kits and Family Bundles

Menu meal kits with fresh ingredients and cooking instructions. Offer family bundles with the ready-to-heat signature dishes. Bundle in beverages and desserts. Emphasize value.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining expands seating capacity, serves guests in new ways and builds sales year-round. Take into account your guests' comfort, staffing needs and workflow. If you won't offer outdoor dining long-term, consider renting equipment.

Carhop-style Service

Generate buzz via this throwback service style. Considerations: available parking spaces, traffic flow and ingress/egress. Adjust your POS system. Order window trays. Post outdoor signage. Get applications in order and comply with local ordinances, permits, ABC and ADA laws.

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