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Godsill Company: New Roads to Revenue

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Robert "Boomer" Godsill's plate is definitely full. Still, even with three highly successful Idaho restaurant brands – Sunrise Cafe, Biscuit & Hogs and Brunchette – and seven restaurants, Godsill hungered for extra helpings of entrepreneurship. So he restructured his business to allow for more.

“Godsill Company consolidates all my businesses and brands,” Godsill explains. “I was able to create new avenues of revenue using the services, products and brands we already had.”

Those new avenues include a commissary kitchen; coordinated catering; a food truck; fresh-eats vending machines; and a virtual store selling local foods and products not available in stores.

“The Godsill Company’s goal is to create opportunities for our brands and our people.” Godsill explains. “It makes it easier to expand our restaurant brands out of state while we create businesses that piggyback off our current operations.”

"I was able to create new avenues of revenue using the services, products and brands we already had."Robert Godsill

What sets you apart from your competitors?

RG: 1) Valuing our employees much more than an average restaurant does. 2) Basing goals on what our restaurants need, not competitors’ moves. 3) Having confidence in our product, ideas and staff. 4) Accepting that it takes time for an idea or brand to stick. 5) Knowing that you can’t be too over-the-top about having your brand make an impression. 6) Taking time to learn why the big boys are so successful. 7) Ensuring that every customer is 100% satisfied.

“The service and resources to help grow my brands and better understand our industry are the best things about Shamrock Foods.”

How do you motivate your staff?

RG: Everything from impromptu ticket- turn-time cash bonuses during busy days to server contests. Our Leadership Program is for management-aspiring employees to prove themselves. Our multi-tiered Level- Up-To-Success program rewards skill- and knowledge-building. Employees know that staffers wearing an embroidered black hat — the top level, kind of like a karate black belt — can help them.

What inspires you?
Success and challenges.

Are you seeing any new customer behaviors that you expect will last into the future?

RG: Customers would rather order what sounds good to them than to stay under a certain price point. They’re also looking for uniqueness.

"This is a partnership. I truly believe Shamrock Foods wants to see us succeed and is willing to put in the time and effort to help create opportunities."Robert Godsill

How do you ensure a high level of hospitality?

RG: Secret shoppers, clear expectations and adjusting to meet customers’ needs.

How do you manage takeout/curbside/delivery services?

RG: With designated staff who understand our platforms and know what to do when we’re busy with in-house service. We know the limits of our staff and kitchen. We don’t expect anything that’s not truly doable.

How do you keep profitability high?

RG: Finding unique ways to stand out and charging for atmosphere. Food’s not the only thing customers pay for; they’re paying for the experience. We factor all the little things we do into our per-plate cost.

Have you changed your menu at all?

RG: No.

How do you attract new customers?

RG: We try to get customers to do our marketing for us. With everything we do, we ask ourselves, “Is this Instagram- worthy? Is it different?” No amount of money spent on marketing will bring the same ROI as customer-driven, customer- created content.

How do you foster customer loyalty?

RG: Consistency and intimacy.

"The service and resources to help grow my brands and better understand our industry are the best things about Shamrock Foods."Robert Godsill

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