Specialty Produce

Your customers are demanding exciting and varied flavors in their out-of-home eating. In many cases, the palette of tastes offered by produce from around the world can turn an ordinary dish into a memorable meal. Shamrock Foods is the largest single distribution point of fresh produce to the foodservice community in the central to Western United States. That means we can source products from the best locations and farms. We also have the good fortune to work with some of the country’s leading chefs in this exciting culinary area. With selection and service that helps you maintain an edge over your competition, Shamrock Foods delivers satisfaction.​


Shamrock Foods stocks more than 750 different produce items every day, sourced from around the U.S. and over 16 other countries. The Shamrock produce team not only procures unique and specialized fruits and vegetables from the field, they also work with farmers to develop new products, address food safety and security with Markon®’s Five Star Food Safety Program™, and create better packaging to ensure a quality, safe product through the distribution channel. We also work directly with our chef clientele to help coordinate menus with seasonal produce to allow them to be on the cutting edge of the culinary scene. It’s easier to be innovative, fresh and delicious when you partner with Shamrock.


Shamrock Foods offers a team of trained procurement specialists who use their years of knowledge to find the best product when it is seasonally available and at its peak of flavor. Our warehouse produce quality team has the experience to receive, store and ship this unique category of goods. Shamrock Foods’ delivery drivers are specially trained to handle and deliver fresh produce to your door. Finally, the Shamrock sales representatives work hand in hand with our customers to provide the service and product knowledge that ensure suitability and quality in every order.​