Shamrock Specialty

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​Beco​ming a Purveyor of Quality, Fine Foods Has Been Our Life's Work.

A fa​mily calling that we've never outgrown.  At Shamrock Foods, we take our food and customers very seriously.  We've visited your distinguished restaurants. We've met with your esteemed chefs.

And w​e've been listening.

Shamrock Specialty, a division of Shamrock Foods, has been created to bring you a curated selection of foods that are wholeheartedly special.  Small, artisan purveyors who still believe in crafting their products by hand.  Imported brands who have existed for hundreds of years overseas, but are new and exciting to us.  Flavor profiles that will inspire and delight.

Shamrock Specialty represents everything we are today and who we've always been.  Your local, reliable resource for quality foods that are only matched by quality service.​

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