Seafood plays an important role in creating signature items for your menu. Diverse flavors and diverse species inspire creativity to meet your patrons’ desire for healthy, delicious dishes. Shamrock Foods offers the highest-quality fresh and frozen seafood from around the world. Order seafood from Shamrock Foods and take advantage of our expertise: you’ll find that we deliver satisfaction.​​

Pierport™ Fresh Seafood

Shamrock Foods packs fresh fish and shellfish in HACCP certified facilities under the Pierport Seafood brand—your guarantee that the products you purchase meet the highest standards of freshness and quality. We inspect every shipment we receive, allowing us to grade items to your requirements. Your order gets personal attention from our trained seafood staff; we can customize both cut and packaging to meet the needs of your operation. We take pride in providing you with more usable product and a longer shelf life.

Hidden Bay® Frozen Seafood

We source frozen seafood from processors that use the latest freezing technology available. This quick-freeze technology allows us to lock in freshness while maintaining the strict quality control required by HACCP. Frozen seafood is packed under our Hidden Bay brand with this state-of-the-art technology for everything from shrimp to tuna to ensure that it meets Shamrock Foods standards.

Menu Application Assistance

In addition to our superior seafood products, we have dedicated staff to help you develop exciting and profitable menu items, from traditional offerings such as salmon and trout to more exotic species. Our experienced seafood specialists can assist you with recipe ideas, product information, and tips on sourcing fresh and frozen seafood from waters around the globe.​