Pacific Rim Foods

Shamrock Foods offers products from destinations around the globe, including Asia. Pacific Rim Foods is a focused distribution company, within Shamrock Foods, dedicated to Asian products. Our Pacific Rim division brings Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Korean products to our customers. In addition, our product specialists have the cultural knowledge, food expertise and language/dialect ability to serve you best. Today’s customers live—and eat—in a global community, and Shamrock Foods delivers satisfaction by bringing them the flavors of Asia.​

A Growing Trend

Pacific Rim Foods started at Shamrock Foods in 1989, long before Asian foods became popular with the general public. As the concept developed, greater emphasis was placed on the specific and unique needs of the Asian community. This new dedication to authenticity led to an explosion of product offerings. Shamrock’s Pacific Rim Foods then assembled a sales team fluent in several languages and possessing unique purchasing capabilities. Today, these developments have led Shamrock Foods to dominate the Asian business in our service areas, outselling even the Asian-specific distributors.


At Shamrock’s Pacific Rim division, you’ll find a complete line of quality Chinese food items: dry and frozen goods, produce, refrigerated items, paper products and seafood. Our Japanese product group includes: dry and frozen goods, seafood and sushi. Vietnamese, Thai and Korean products are also available in good quantity, and we will continue to add region-specific items to this segment as it grows.​