Mexican Foods

With the booming growth of the Hispanic population, interest in Mexican cuisine and products has soared. Shamrock Foods provides products and service to authentic Mexican restaurants in the metro areas, as well as many other foodservice business​es across the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region. With superior service and a great selection of quality products, Shamrock Foods is delivering satisfaction—Mexican style!

Authentic Flavor

Our San Pablo™ product line includes a complete offering; from quality ingredients for your “made-from-scratch” signature Mexican dishes to fully-prepared items that save labor without sacrificing quality. Available in dry, frozen or refrigerated, the authentic “south-of-the-border” flavor can be found in all of the great San Pablo branded choices from Shamrock Foods.


Shamrock Foods’ Mexican segment began serving customers in the 1990s with few bilingual sales associates and a limited product line. Today, Shamrock Foods has several more segment specialists and a comprehensive offering of Latino products, including our own exclusive San Pablo® brand. Many of our customers are looking to the Mexican segment to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and to offer different selections to delight clients. Our sales and purchasing specialists have the specific expertise to assist you in expanding your menu offering in this growing segment.​