Dry Goods and Groceries

In all kitchens, recipes for success are based on staples that are the basic elements of cooking. At Shamrock Foods, we firmly believe in the importance of quality in “foundation” products, and our inventory reflects that. We’re committed to offering an array of dry good and grocery products to meet your needs: this variety includes our signature brands. These grocery products feature our quality brands and make it easier for Shamrock Foods Co. to deliver satisfaction with every delivery!

Premium Italian Products

Premium quality products are always behind those memorable, fine Italian dishes, and the Trifoglio® brand helps make those memorable meals. Only the highest quality products are offered in the Trifoglio brand, so you can depend on quality and consistency every time. Choose quality Trifoglio products from veal, imported cheese and pasta, tomatoes and oils to make your signature Italian cuisine.

While Italian cuisine has a long history with many successful restaurateurs featuring it in this country, but it is not just limited to upscale restaurants. The Villa Frizzoni® line offers quality products such as pizza toppings, frozen pasta dinners and domestic pasta, peppers and olives, with a focus on value for any operator serving Italian dishes.


Our San Pablo™ product line includes quality ingredients for your “made-from scratch” signature Mexican dishes to fully-prepared items that save labor without sacrificing quality. Available dry, frozen or refrigerated, the authentic “south-of-the-border” flavor can be found in all of the great choices in Shamrock Foods’ San Pablo brand.

Dry Goods

Biscuits made from scratch. Hot fudge over homemade vanilla ice cream. Cookies baking in the oven. These scents and flavors come to mind when you open a case of Katy’s Kitchen® branded products. Katy’s Kitchen staples help you create that comfort-food feeling.

Fruits and Vegetables

The Bountiful Harvest™ brand celebrates fruits and vegetables from the farmland of the Americas. Shamrock Foods demands the consistency and quality that allow you to confidently move these products from the package to the stove to the plate.

Spices and Seasonings

It isn’t just food that is being created in your kitchen—it’s flavor. Culinary Secrets® brand travels the globe to bring you spices, herbs and seasonings that allow you to enhance any dish in ways that make customers happy—and make your reputation for delicious meals.​