Cleaning Supplies

A recent consumer survey revealed that cleanliness has jumped to No. 2 on the list of reasons for returning to a restaurant. Shamrock Foods offers an excellent selection of products to improve cleanliness in critical high-traffic areas and reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses and cross-contamination behind the scenes. We offer proprietary programs from the leading cleaning products and service companies offering the full-range of products with value-added service, to the national branded products from Procter & Gamble and Johnson Diversey. Our team of experts and your DSR can put together a program that delivers satisfaction to you—and your patrons.


Our complete line of chemical products will meet needs for all areas: restroom, kitchen and dining.

  • Top-quality sanitizing solutions help eliminate odors.

  • Multipurpose cleaners keep the dining room sparkling.

  • Restroom products such as hand soaps, bowl cleaners and glass cleaners protect your reputation with patrons.

  • Heavy-duty grease removal products take care of persistent grease on all surfaces.

  • Ready-to-use and concentrated products provide flexibility.


Shamrock Foods also offers a complete line of cleaning equipment to assist your operation—everything from mops and brooms to more specialized sanitization pr​oducts. We also feature warewashing products with laundry dispensing programs and equipment. These programs feature 24 hour per day, seven days per week service capabilities to support your sanitation requirements and your budget.