Center of the Plate


We at Shamrock Foods know that your COP item has to shine, that's why we take extra care and effort at every step to make sure our products meet the most exacting specifications. We start with only the highest quality meats: corn-fed Midwestern beef, lamb, fresh poultry, tender pork, delicate veal, fresh ground beef and flown-in-daily seafood. Our attention to detail helps you deliver to your customers the same thing that we strive for—satisfaction.​

Meat Plants

Shamrock Foods has two meat processing facilities, located in Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. With its own meat processing operation, Shamrock Foods is dedicated to cutting and processing that exceeds your standards and ours.

Service and Quality

Shamrock Foods employs only highly trained and skilled professional meat cutters and packers at our USDA cutting facility. We don’t begin cutting until we get your order, because that’s the way to ensure freshness and quality. We also offer customized aging programs, hand selection, standard and custom pack, and Cryovac* packaging. A strict HACCP program and on-site laboratory are your assurance of the safety and integrity of our protein products.

COP Specialists

Several COP specialists and chefs train our sales representatives in all aspects and varieties of meat so that they can support you in market trends and new products. Other responsibilities include wait staff training, a valuable resource in today’s competitive market, and plant tours of our cutting facility. The specialists’ main goal, however, is to work with your sales representative to see that you get the right product for your needs.

Our Center of the Plate Selections

Shamrock Meats

Gold Canyon 


Taste the Gold Standard​

​​​Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus earns its position at the center of the plate. With a flavor that is unmistakably juicy, tender and delicious, it consistently tastes great, every single time, guaranteed. We use only upper two-thirds USDA Choice beef selected from a superior supply of quality Angus cattle, and we handcraft it to order, according to your specifications, cut after succulent cut.

Delicious gourmet flavor every time, guaranteed.

You can always rely on Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus to keep your customers coming back for more. In fact, if you're not satisfied with our premium-aged Angus beef as delivered—or your customers aren't pleased after tasting it cooked cor-rectly to order—we'll replace it, no questions asked. We stand behind our gourmet Angus, confident your customers will Taste the Gold Standard difference, and choose it over and over again.


What is the Gold Standard?

To be verified Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus, our beef must meet some of the tightest quality specs in the beef industry for superior taste, tenderness and juiciness:

  • All cattle are qualified as Angus according to our USDA G Schedule

  • All cattle are quality graded upper two-thirds USDA Choice. The Minimum grading score is Modest 00 or higher.​

  • All cattle are "A" maturity• Dressed cattle weights are 1,000 pounds or less

  • The rib-eye size is 10 to 16 inches

  • No dark cutters are allowed

  • The hump must not exceed two inches in height

  • Muscling scores must be moderate or higher

  • Product of the U.S.​

Gold Canyon Pork GC_Pork_LOGO.png

Gold Canyon Pork

Carefully raised on family farms, crossbred from two gourmet lines, and humanely processed in small batches. Gold Canyon Gourmet Pork is known for its unsurpassed tenderness, moisture and sweet flavor.

Possesses considerably more marbling than conventional pork, and a richer, deeper color.

Natural: raised without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones.

A wide variety of custom cut gourmet pork, such as loins, ribs and chops, to accommodate your menu needs.​



Pierport Seafood is premium, fresh seafood packed to chefs’ specifications. High standards and expert cutters ensure that our entire selection—from unique varieties of whole fish to select fillet cuts and seasonal choices—will always please the most discriminating guests. Pierport Seafood. Best-of-the-catch seafood, consistently fresh and conveniently customized.

  • Full Line of Fresh Seafood​

Emerald Valley Ranch​


Emerald Valley Ranch Meat Products

Shamrock Foods quality assured boxed beef specifically designed for those customers that wish to enhance their entrees with their own signature flavor profile.

  • All Natural (minimally processed with no added ingredients)

  • Corn Fed a minimum of 90 days

  • All product is aged a minimum of 21 days for increased tenderness and flavor

  • Hand-selected for consistent size

  • Emerald Valley Ranch beef is the premier choice for operators desiring a beef option for their budget-conscious customers.

  • ​Adheres to strongest food safety and quality​

Regal Crest

Regal Crest Farms.png

Regal Crest Farms

The Regal Crest poultry is fresh, tender, and wholesome. It is always fresh and never frozen and packaged to ensure maximum freshness and wholesomeness.

  • 100% Natural, no added hormones, and absolutely no additives, injectables or marination

  • 100% Cage Free

  • Custom trimming and portion control packaging

  • Hand selected from our experts.

  • 100% guarantee to meet the toughest nutritional standards.​