Markon Introduces New Ready-Set-Serve Cauli Creations

by Markon Cooperative, Inc.​

Cauli Creation_Web.jpgSalinas, Calif. – T​​he humble cauliflower was once only steamed and salted as a simple side dish, but as consumers seek healthier fare, so does foodservice’s demand for versatile, nutrient-packed cauliflower that can be used in new and creative ways across the menu.

Markon​​’s Ready-Set-Serve® (RSS) Cauli Creations is comprised of small, rice-like cauliflower crumbles ready to use straight from the bag. It offers foodservice operators an easy start to creating fresh and on-trend menu items, such as cauliflower rice, pizza crust, tortillas and tots, and can also be used as a flour substitute in baked goods. RSS Cauli Creations is available to operators through Markon’s foodservice member Shamrock Foods Company.

Sixty four per​​cent of consumers are looking to eat healthier, according to Nielsen, and nutrient-packed cauliflower has been growing in popularity due to its health portfolio and versatility, including acting as a gluten-free substitute for higher calorie and higher carbohydrate ingredients, such as flour and potatoes. Learn more about RSS Cauli Creations and get serving ideas from Markon's product usage video​. Markon also created an introduction video to showcase how this product is made.

​Markon’s RSS Cauli Cr​​eations are harvested year-round in Arizona and California and backed by Markon’s unparalleled 5-Star Food Safety® Program  which tracks products at five key points: fields, facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses and operators’ kitchen, along with providing full traceability back to the field. For more information, visit

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